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This Is Why Fortnite Vaulted Those Weapons For Season 10 – CBR


All the Weapons Vaulted in Fortnite Season 10

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Just when you got used to all of the great items in Season 9 — Epic Games is at it again — pulling out the rug from us and vaulting some of our favorite items for Season 10. Whether you like change or not — and we don’t! — we have to get used to these changes quickly — but there’s nothing wrong with taking a minute — or an hour — or a weekend with a tub of ice cream — to mourn the weapons that there once was. Remember when riding around in The Baller on our 4K television was the next-best thing to being in Jurassic World? Yeah, us too — and KituShinji shows some great control in his ride. The Baller was a great way to get around the Fortnite map, but much like the Segways that came and when back in the early 2000’s, The Baller has disappeared from Fortnite. Is that a ghost, a glitch, or some type of hacker? Well, one answer to questions players like Mr Freshasian may have will NOT be the Shadow Bomb. The cloaking tool was an ideal way to get out of tough situations, but now, the game will harken back to pure skill-building and shooting because the Shadow Bomb is getting tossed right into the Fortnite vault. Seeming like around mobility decision by Epic Games, players will have to find another way to sneak around.

Time to dive in and reveal the vaulted season 10 weapons and learn exactly WHY Epic Games locked the collection up this time around!


Entry 1 – The Baller

Entry 2 – Shadow Bomb

Entry 3 – Quad Crasher

Entry 4 – Itemized Glider Deploy

Entry 5 – Tactical Assault Rifle

Entry 6 – Flint Lock Pistol

Entry 7 – Mounted Turret

Entry 8 – Air Strike

Entry 9 – Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

Entry 10 – Suppressed Sniper Rifle


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