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Chris Harris Drifts S63 Coupe, Says It’s the Most Underrated Car Ever – autoevolution


If you’re a fan of Top Gear presenter Chris Harris, you’ll know he’s loyal to a fault when it comes to certain car brands, and this includes AMG. So when a video review of an S63 Coupe came out, we knew it wasn’t something random or gratuitous.

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Chris Harris Drifts S63 Coupe, Says It's the Most Underrated Car EverChris Harris Drifts S63 Coupe, Says It's the Most Underrated Car Ever

In his words, the 2-door version of the S-Class is unlike any other Mercedes model. However, the S63 Coupe is not a raw power brute like his old W204 C63. It’s super-refined, offering unmatched comfort and luxury. Bentley is never mentioned outright, but you get the clear impression Harris believes Mercedes beat the Conti GT.

For the record, this particular model is the old one that came before the facelift, so it has the 5.5-liter V8. The review argues the gearbox is a little slower as a result of this, but not in a way that should put you off.

Of the total ten minutes it takes to review it, about half is spent looking at all the fine work put into fit and finish. The crystals embedded into the headlights are a major attraction, while “baseball glove” leather interior is top-notch. And if you think the 2-ton coupe is more boring than a supercar, check out what Harris can do with the seats. Apparently, the driver can control the passenger seat too – bolsters, position, cooling, heating and the air scarf.

Oh, and the air suspension does a perfect job of smoothing the road. Combined with a whisper-quiet cabin, this car leaves you more relaxed at the end of a journey compared to how you were in the beginning. Take that E63 and your noisy tires…

At the end of the day, this is still a rear-drive AMG that’s drunk on power. So it wouldn’t be fair for Harris to review it without carefully edited shots of him drifting. Watch that happening at the end of the clip below!

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