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Link building price: how much does it cost to get quality links?


If you are looking for “what is the price of link building”, without being fortune-tellers, we dare to say that it is because you want to start getting backlinks for your business. In this post, you will find information about what a link building service covers and what are the factors that mark its price.

Undoubtedly, you have made a big decision because links are one of the criteria that Google takes into account to measure the quality of your website.

Therefore, getting good links will allow you to climb positions in the search engine to overcome your competitors by the most competitive keywords.

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Now, let’s know all the details about the link building price.

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What is a link building service?

Obtaining quality links is much more complex than it may seem a priori. For this reason, it is always convenient to place yourself in the hands of verified link builders.

Otherwise, you can end penalties for carrying out bad practices and that, believe us, is much more expensive than the price of link building.

A professional in this specific branch of SEO will know what kind of links your website needs and the best techniques to get them. There are many points that this will take into account to develop their work, but these are some of the most important:

  • Communication with the client to know which keywords are the ones that interest him most and which are his business competitors.
  • Analysis of the keywords to determine if they are interesting or others should be attacked with, for example, more traffic or less competition.
  • A comprehensive study of both business competition and those competing with the company for X keywords.
  • Realization of a strategy that takes into account the type of links to prioritize.
  • Management of these links and negotiation with the websites so that these backlinks conform to the highest quality standards.
  • Track those links.

What does the price of link building depend on?

Link building is a very profitable investment, but obviously, you must allocate a considerable amount of money to be successful. You decide how much you want to spend, but the ten main factors to determine the price of the link building are the following:

  • If your competition has very strong links you will need to counter it with similar backlinks. Otherwise, you will be left behind in the fight to be in the top positions of Google.
  • The keyword you want to position is also fundamental. It does not require the same investment as competitive as “best SEO agency”.
  • In general, thematic and traffic links tend to be more expensive. Whether they are paid because the webmasters will ask for more money, or if they get “free” because it will require writing a guest post or doing a series of steps to get them that will always be less tedious on uninteresting pages. And obviously, that time spent also increases the price of the link building.
  • Sharing the post with other publications will usually be cheaper than getting an exclusive article. It is true that you share the strength of the link, but it is usually a very interesting option to reduce costs.
  • Do you want links abroad? Great, we’re glad you want to expand your business. Of course, you should know that the link building price that you will have to pay will be a little higher since the management of these backlinks is more complicated.
  • The links can be strengthened with the help of some good Tier pointing to your backlink. If they are included in your strategy, these will increase the link building budget.
  • In many sectors, a good professional is convenient to have contacts in media to publish. For example, in the fashion sector, it is very frequent. Having a network of blogs and newspapers has a value and it is logical to charge for it.
  • In order to carry out an adequate strategy and monitoring, whether we like it or not, a series of payment tools is necessary. For example, Ahrefs. This is a recurrent cost that the professional has and it is logical that you keep this in mind when evaluating your work.
  • The trajectory and excellence of the person or persons hired. Do Messi and a Third Division player charge the same?Evidently, no. In the same way, hiring agencies or freelancers with more experience and prestige will, in general, have a higher link building price.
  • Is the work of one person the same as the work of several? As you will understand, usually an agency is usually a little more expensive than an independent professional because you have more people at the service of your business.

As you can see, there are many factors that determine the price of the link building. However, you should always remember that each project is unique and there are no two businesses that are the same.

Buy quality links: what should you know?

Acquiring links paying, against what someone may say, is not negative. What’s more, practically all SEO experts do it.

Of course, it is not as easy as paying X money to a half and ready. In order for these to be beneficial for your website, they must meet a series of requirements.

What requirements? Well, broadly speaking, the link is inserted in a thematic blog or a prestigious media, that these websites have an authority of medium or high domain and, above all, a lot of traffic.

In addition, the link must be contextualized both in reference to the whole of the post and the paragraph in which it appears and must comply with a series of guidelines:

  • Please, for many visits you have do not put a link on tourism in an article on psychology.
  • Variety of anchor. It is advisable not to abuse the keyword and also use the URL, the name of the business or wildcard expressions such as “click here” or “discover in this link”.
  • Be follow or no follow depending on what interests you at all times. The usual thing is to try to get follow links.

To buy links a link builder can use its media network or make an active search on the internet and directly contact the media that interests you and ask for a quote for the link.

Paying is interesting especially for difficult websites to get free, but with an investment of time, you can get backlinks on excellent pages without paying a coin. To do this, you can use the guest post, post very interesting articles on your blog, generate a fruitful relationship with website owners or even take the initiative and link to websites that may interest you.

How to know if the link builder or the agency you hire is the first level?

We understand that knowing if a freelance or an agency is good is much easier when you have been working with them for a few months, but we will give you some tips with which you can detect it before signing the contract.

First of all, do not trust promises and ask for proof that they are good at positioning SEO. For this, a good option is to check if they are positioned by the most competitive keywords in your sector. Also, reject all those who try to sell you that SEO is mathematics and in a month you will be in first positions.

Another important point is that you notice what they think of them. You can contact one of your clients or see if most of the reviews are positive or negative. At this point, you should look especially at those that have a lot of volumes.

On the other hand, ask how they will get your links to ensure, after what you have learned in this post, that they will follow the minimum quality requirements.

You should also see the experience they have with companies in your sector, but this point is not as important in SEO Off Page as, for example, in Social Media or content.

And, finally, keep in mind that link building must be accompanied by a good SEO On Page and content strategy, so focus on those that offer a multidisciplinary service.

Now that you know what the price of link building depends on, we invite you to ask us for help to take your business to success. We have achieved this with countless clients from all types of sectors and budgets and we are sure that we will also achieve this with your business. We will wait for you!

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