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How much does a website cost to build? $0.01 Cent?


How much does a website cost to build?

If you are considering creating a web platform for your business or for a personal project, it is very likely that you have asked yourself these questions: how much does a website cost to build?

In these times and the situation we live in, the tendency is to pay as little as possible for anything. When it comes to communication, design or marketing, that is, the creative sector, the work done is not usually valued.

Many think that making a web page does not require much time or that it is not necessary to know certain aspects.

Being bombarded by ads from web creators where they are based on moving a couple of things to create something decent, does not help at all.

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Normally, those who do not know what the process is are those who most doubt the final price.

However, in this article, I will explain how much does a website cost to build and how much does a website cost per month? So that you understand the economic value of this creative and technical process.

There are endless questions that must be asked before launching a final price to the project. All these aspects add or subtract hours of work. Which in the end is the variable that is most taken into account when monetizing!

Before you got answered for how much does a website cost per month or how much does a website cost to build, you have to know:

What kind of web page do you need?

One of the starting points to obtain a web budget is to be very clear about what type of web page you want to create and with what objective. We can differentiate the following:

Corporate website

A relatively simple website where information about a company or institution is provided. They tend to be simple if they do not have an internal management platform or some unusual function.

Website of services

A website that shows the services of a company with the aim of getting customers to contact through different contact forms or by calling directly.

Portfolio or personal web

A website that shows different works or projects of a person or group in a very visual way. They tend to be very personal web pages that require a very tight design.

Online store

E-Commerce is a website where you can buy certain items through different payment gateways.

Does the type influence the final cost of the website?

The category of the web directly influences the volume of work carried out by the design and development team. As a general rule, an online store will require more work than a portfolio. In any case, it is not the only thing that will affect the price and requires that it be valued individually.

What CMS do you want to use?

A CMS or content manager is a tool with which to create, manage and manage a website. This is one of the key questions before launching into a website since it will mark both the design and the management of it.

Among which CMS you can choose to make a web page:

WordPress is the most popular content manager and is currently used due to its ease of management and its great potential for SEO positioning. In addition, there is a large community, allows you to add a blog easily and with many possibilities for design. In case you want to make an online store, we bet on WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin that adds all the functionality of an e-commerce website.


It is a very solid CMS, with high stability and that allows managing very large web pages. Drupal is the most complicated both to install and manage later, requires a person with specific knowledge about this type of manager to update content or make changes.


Magento is a platform developed with open source and is focused on making online stores. It happens a bit the same as Drupal and requires having advanced knowledge about it to work with it.


Another of the most used CMS in e-commerce. It is not the most recommended, but within the content managers, it is not the worst you can choose for an online store. The main disadvantage of Prestashop is that it is not as simple to the position as a WooCommerce.

Does the CMS influence the website cost?

Yes, a web page created with Drupal or Magento tends to have a higher cost than WordPress or Woocommerce. Like Prestashop, these three CMS do not have a cost.

Web design: template or custom design

How much does a website cost to build? It also depends on the idea you have. You can request a totally customized web design or based on a design that already exists as a template.

The usual thing is that from the design team you are presented with a mockup. So that you can approve the style in advance before starting to develop the work.

Either of these two options is going to require the work of a designer, since, although it seems that creating a web starting from A template is simple, it is not.

Because for all possible changes it has to be customized using CSS when it comes to WordPress. The website cost will also vary according to the CMS in which the web will be developed since not all of them carry the same degree of difficulty.

Text and content

The written word is essential in any web page. It is true that in recent years design has taken us towards more visual styles in which the text does not matter so much.

However, whether through usability or SEO positioning, content is essential. That is why it is very interesting that when you hire a web page you request that a specialized person write the content.

Depending on the style of the page, the volume of the texts will be greater or lesser. But usually, we find an explanation of the services of the company. The well-detailed products, testimonials, corporate values … etc.

The price will, therefore, depend on the volume of the texts. Writing a corporate page is not the same as describing 1,000 products.


Many times we find clients asking for a page that is visually very attractive. But they do not have a single photograph of their company and they have no intention of having it.

Trying to lower the price of a website cost is counterproductive. Especially, when it comes to such important visual aspects.

We always recommend using real photographs of the business, when it is a physical company. When it comes to an online business without the possibility of taking photographs of products or determining aspects for the project, it is necessary to use image banks to cover visual needs.

At this point, it is interesting to have paid image banks since they give you many more possibilities than free image banks. However, the cost must be assumed by the client interested in your web project.

Extra aspects?

Not all web pages are the same and in some cases. We will find special details that increase the website cost. For example, a module that allows you to make reservations when it is a website of a restaurant or something similar. An internal CRM for certain procedures or contact forms that connect with a specific program.

All these extra elements that move away from the usual. You can also consider the design of banners for certain places on the web, including videos or special elements.

Website cost: Do you already know how much does a website cost to build?

The exact price for building a website is determined according to the level of development, based on the previous assumptions, the results that you want to achieve and the involvement in hours of the web designer.

Once all the information is available and the structure and contents to be included in the web have been previously studied, it usually takes an average of 30/40 hours to design the entire web page.

That is why the question of how much does a website cost to build is difficult to answer and that it depends on many aspects. For example, the requirements of the client.

When building a web page project is started, the planning and proposal part is the most complicated and the one that requires the most time.

Doing things in a hurry and eager to have the final result is not good for the client, but neither for the agency.

If you want to know more about the question of how much does a website cost to build? Do not hesitate to leave a comment, we will get in touch in a short while…

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