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Social SEO for Business and Online Marketing Success A to Z explain


What is social SEO and how to make it work in my company?

Social SEO is related to social networks and a part of online marketing. Social SEO is already a trend, many entrepreneurs and companies still want to know about this. What is Social SEO? How can I do Social SEO in my company? What results do I have? will Social SEO contribute, is it profitable?…

The truth is that YES, IT IS VERY PROFITABLE and yes, any digital marketing agency should know how to implement an online marketing strategy of this type.

Social SEO is a combination of well-coordinated online marketing actions, whose ultimate goal is to generate quality impacts on the user through the 4 main online marketing channels that exist today. It is a relatively simple strategy, although it requires proper planning, coordination, and execution.

To put it in a schematic way. If it has always been said that Web Positioning and Social Networks are the perfect marriage in the online channel.

Let’s think that now we are going to add to the family two children called Content Marketing and Email Marketing.

All of them together and provided they are well synchronized, constitute 70% of the effectiveness of online marketing actions that companies make today.

The final question is, as always … How, when and how much…

Contents of the post

  • Benefits of Social SEO for SMEs and companies
  • Can all companies do Social SEO?
  • Identify your target correctly
  • It offers a differential value
  • The fastest is the one that arrives before
  • How to do Social SEO in my company
  • 1.- Content Marketing
  • 2.- Optimization to the web positioning
  • 3.- Marketing in social networks
  • 4.- Email Marketing

Benefits of Social SEO for SMEs and companies

The advantages of Social SEO are enormous. We have already mentioned the main one, its radius of action, but we should not stay there.

This marketing strategy allows us to generate a substantial improvement in the brand image of our company on the internet. Because the advertising impacts are global and they are a constant trace on Google.

On the other hand, it allows the consolidation of online sales processes focused not only on attracting users but also on customer loyalty. The attack channels will be the same, however commercial messages and communication will be radically different depending on the final objective.

And the result, as can be seen in the two graphs that we leave next to Analytics, will be the increase in traffic, both organic and especially from social networks that can be achieved in a relatively short time.

So do not forget the main benefits of Social SEO, which can be summarized in these three points:

Point No. 1

Increase in quality traffic and valid Leads. Being a global strategy, the first benefit that pursues is the significant increase in traffic to the web, promoted by the continued work in the various channels. Depending on the company and its dedication, very significant increases can be observed from the first month of work.

Point No. 2

Improvement of web positioning. Well worked, the SEO Social gets to position in a very effective way the main keywords on which a company works in the first positions of results of the search engines. From here, the positioning in search engines becomes a cornerstone of the company, which starts to be more visible and if everything works well, to get more sales.

Point No. 3

Brand image and relevance on the internet. As we mentioned before, the global nature of the internet encourages the impacts and campaigns to last and be accessible by users. Brand image and online reputation will improve substantially, thanks to social networks, our relevance level, and online influence will also increase progressively.

And all this not to say that we are generating a lot of links and Backlinks on the internet that point to our website and that contribute greatly to improving our SEO positioning.

Everything okay so far? … Perfect, but remember that online marketing only provides quality traffic, NEVER SALES. If your website is not correctly done, the results will never arrive.

Can all companies do Social SEO?

Yes, but NO. Working a quality social SEO implies a deployment of important good practices on the part of the company. But also on the part of the Online Marketing Agency that is implementing the strategy.

In this sense, the website continues to be the most important link of any company on the Internet. It is the center of operations and the business card of the organization, But also the place where the sales.

Therefore, there are variables such as Web Usability, Site Design or the structuring of information that are key to the end users end up buying or contracting our products or services.

Pay attention to these points and you will increase your sales over the internet:

Identify your target correctly

All your target audience does not want to buy or contract the same. This is why it is important to segment the catalog of products or services and know how to offer it properly.

Social SEO can help to a great extent because it allows the personalization of messages and online communications at the highest level.

It may be necessary that you have to design specific Landing Page for each category of product or service. In this way, you will focus the message and optimize the results.

It offers a differential value

Sell what you sell, surely there are many more companies that do the same as you and even have a bigger budget for online marketing, so … Are they going to sell more than you?

It is essential that you work to determine your value proposition or added value with your product or service. The user’s perception of your brand is critical, so you’ll have to offer something more than a good price.

Every day we are more demanding and on the internet so … What can you offer that does not have the rest of your competence?

News, improvements in performance, personalization of the product or design, exclusive design, the pleasure of the brand, price, reduction of costs thanks to the use of your product, comfort, utility, risk reduction…

The fastest is the one that arrives before

Speed is already something intrinsic in our society and in the same way it is on the internet. Those webs with a better loading speed are the ones that get the most sales.

As a general rule, you improve your conversion to sales by 5% for every half second that you reduce the loading speed of your website. So you know .. Google does not want slow websites, people either.

Conclusion. To do Social SEO and get results, you have to have your house in order. Whether a website or an online store design, efficiency and especially sales processes are critical. If they do not work properly, no online marketing strategy will work for you.

How to do Social SEO in my company

Doing Social SEO is very simple. As mentioned before it consists of four online marketing channels that are content marketing, positioning, social networks, and email marketing. Let’s see how we design the strategy.

1.- Content Marketing

Content marketing consists of the periodic publication of content (post) in the company’s blog.

Always according to Google’s recommendations, it must be a unique, original and quality content that provides value to the user in such a way that it advances to your website or online store with a clear purchase interest.

Writing content may seem simple, but the reality is that it is not. Content marketing is not like writing articles for a newspaper since working on the internet implies completely different rules.

The extension

The extension is essential at this time for Google, so you have to know their recommendations in this regard:

Below 300 words you are SPAM. Do not try, creating content of fewer than 300 words will not do you any good.

800 – 1,000 words. We are talking about a more extensive post in which you can enter the details of the content and get to the second page of Google. Depending on the themes and your relevance you will get more or less, but it will cost you.

More than 2,000 words It seems a lie but content marketing with a post of more than 2,000 words is the one that will help you to achieve your goals.

They are very extensive so you can offer the user a very important level of detail, at the same time you can also optimize them much more when positioning.

Depending on the subject, it is relatively easy to position them on the first page of results and generate a very significant increase in traffic.


It is necessary to work very well the Storytelling, or what is the same, the discourse throughout the text. The ideas have to be well organized, presented and spun with each other within the context of the story.

The speech has to go from the most general to the most specific, providing a value that really is of interest to the user.

The first paragraph, although it seems the opposite, is the most important, so it has to have enough force to hook the user. Of course, the titles have to be strong, convincing and attractive, enough for people to read them.

The planning
  • At this point, planning is the next point to work.
  • Determine in advance what you want to write about and which keywords are the best and you are interested in positioning.
  • Do minimum planning two weeks ahead of what you want to write. All the person involved in your company have to know what they are talking about at all times.
  • Choose the best days to publish, and make sure they are the best.
2.- Optimization to the web positioning

The second leg of SEO Social is the optimization of the positioning of the contents of your blog. Remember, the longer the contents are, the better to include more keywords.

Determine in the first place the keywords that you are interested in working for each post. Do not try to position more than two (one main and one secondary), it is advisable to focus on a maximum torque.

Place these keywords in the strategic sites of your content. Usually, they are always the URL, the Title (Title Tag), the H1, the first paragraph and then distributed by the content, without forcing them and in a consistent manner. Remember not to pass the keyword density rule of 5%.

Work the links. Google recommends the inclusion of links throughout the content and combines both internal and external links to other websites. Ah, it seems incredible, Google appreciates that you are “detached” and you can put “DoFollow” links to websites external to yours.

3.- Marketing in social networks

The third step is the diffusion or marketing in social networks, a fundamental area. Because it is responsible for ensuring that the information you have published in your corporate blog is well visible in social networks and to a greater extent, shared.

For it: Define what social networks your target audience is in and start working on them.

All social networks are different. So the actions to be carried out and the way to publish will also be. Twitter is much more agile, while Facebook is slower, Google Plus helps more positioning while Pinterest and Instagram are more visual… It’s up to you!

Choose the best hours to post. It is essential to know which ones are in each social network since that depends on seeing your content more or less. Monitor, determine who are the best Hashtags and channels and interact with people to achieve greater diffusion

If you want to get more influence and relevance online, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin are very important social networks, so it is advisable to work on them.

4.- Email Marketing

We know that email marketing consists of sending planned communications via email to our database of potential customers or clients. The important thing is, therefore, to know how to fit it into the Social SEO strategy.

As well. As a result of the content marketing work, we will all have seen in many blogs a banner of the type “Subscribe to our Blog / Newsletter / electronic bulletin”.

The role of the blog in Social SEO is fundamental since it will allow the increase of the database of subscribers to our mailing. A mailing that has to be well defined and developed and not be intrusive to achieve success.

To make good Email Marketing campaigns pay attention to the following points:

  • Segment what and for whom. The same message does not work for everyone so it “shreds” your mailing and generates personalized shipments.
  • Define well the objective of the mailing: offers, communications, invitations to events, pure commercial actions …
  • The subject of the mail, the most important. Creating a good “Subject” just as we create a good title is 80% of the success of a mailing campaign, so be creative.
  • Call to action An email is not web, so the way of working is to measure images, little text, and links to the pages you want to redirect. If the images are well achieved (montages), the success rate of your email marketing will increase.

So,  that’s all for me. Now tell me what you think about social SEO as a part of your online marketing in social networks. Comment below… 

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