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Surgery of promotional marketing campaign to better visibility at online


How to make a promotional marketing campaign on the Internet. Guide for beginners and companies.

Conventional advertising has always served companies to pursue their brand and recognition goals. And in the same way the promotional marketing or merchandising. Also has allowed us to promote ourselves in “objects”, “supports” or “places” much more personal and habitual.

For a few years now, promotional marketing on the Internet has been occupying little by little its place par excellence. Allowing more and more promotional actions every day with more and more success:

  • actions and online marketing campaigns to promote our company
  • merchandising or promotional marketing actions on the internet to promote our products

Therefore, one of the most important questions you should ask yourself at this moment is:

  • How are you advertising your brand and your products?
  • Do you appear on the internet when someone puts a product or service from your company?

If your answer is affirmative, it seems that at the moment you are doing well. But if you do not appear in any way, you may have a significant problem of visibility (on the internet). Or brand recall in an offline environment, if you are not resorting to merchandising.


It is no longer just about selling directly, to get to that sale, previously there are many other aspects that you may have to work with:

  • effective communication,
  • good brand image,
  • mouth to mouth (virility),
  • Merchandising and/or quality promotional marketing,
  • Promotions through videos, banners or even mail marketing. etc

The important thing is that they see you, and for that both online marketing and the different physical supports are fundamental. If your strategy is going to be promotional marketing on the internet, the first thing you should consider is:

  1. What do I want to achieve?
  2. To whom?
  3. How am I going to carry it out?

Once these questions have been resolved, you will only have to choose which specific direct marketing actions you will perform and what your level of investment will be. And of course, once done, measure results.

Make good promotional marketing on the internet is a basic need for your company and for the promotion of your products. If they do not find you, you do not exist.

So you should not only attract quality visitors but also generate a digital trust and a relevant brand image. That allows you to get more and more customers.

Contents of the post

  • What is promotional marketing?
  • How to make a promotional marketing campaign on the internet?
  1. – Set the objectives for your promotional marketing actions
  2. – Choose the optimal channels for your promotional marketing actions on the internet
  3. – Define the strategy of your promotional marketing
  4. – Make a good merchandising of your products
  5. – Search the interaction with the end user of your promotional campaigns on the internet
  6. – Create new actions and experiences of promotional marketing on the internet
  7. – Measure the results of your direct marketing

6 channels for promotional marketing on the internet

1.- SEO or Web Positioning

2.- Google Ads

3.- Social Media Marketing or social networks

4.- Email Marketing

5.- Affiliate Marketing

6.- Advertising display

What is promotional marketing?

We could give a definition of promotional marketing on the internet as one that is formed by a set of objectives, strategies, and supports (offline and online). Through which your company will try by all means to achieve a constant demand for sales as well as an increase in your customers, also reinforcing your brand image.

Important, Before doing your promotional marketing campaign you will have to know which supports are the ones that will work best for you. And which internet marketing channels will allow you to reach your target audience.

Carrying out a promotional marketing campaign can be an arduous task, both in effort and investment.

So from the beginning, you will have to be clear about what objectives you want to achieve and what KPIs or metrics are going to be used to measure success or failure.

But remember that every effort has its reward; A well-made promotional marketing campaign can come to report great benefits, either in the short or medium term.

How to make a promotional marketing campaign on the internet?

For the realization of any promotional marketing campaign on the internet, one of the aspects that you must take care of the most is the planning of it.

So before proceeding to its realization, create a Work Planning with the steps to follow for your advertising campaign, always verifying if the realization of them is correct.

And with “correct realization” I mean that, after having set some initial objectives, each step that has to be fully aligned with the objectives set since the purpose of any promotional marketing action is to achieve compliance:

  • Attraction or capture of traffic: SEO, SEM, banners, etc.
  • Conversion of traffic in clients.
  • Offline advertising that brings you online customers
  • Customer loyalty
  • Virality, word of mouth, brand reputation
  • Etc…

It may seem simple but the planning and execution of this type of campaign are complex.

Therefore, today I want to show you how to make a successful promotional marketing campaign on the internet. And which channels or supports are the ones that can work best for you.

1.- Set the objectives for your promotional marketing actions

As in any type of communication strategy, if you want to carry out an optimal promotional marketing strategy, the first thing you should do is set the objectives you intend to achieve with the realization of it.

You must focus your efforts on your target audience since after all, direct marketing actions will be focused on him.

This way you can get more return to your promotional marketing campaign on the internet. Nobody is going to buy you if you do not care what you sell. Hit with your target audience or you’ll be throwing money away.

Once the objectives are set, it will be much easier to choose the channels, strategies, and marketing supports to carry out your promotional marketing campaign.

2.- Choose the optimal channels for your promotional marketing actions on the internet

Once you have defined the objectives for which you are going to carry out your marketing campaign. You must establish the online marketing channel through which you will carry out your direct marketing actions.

This point is fundamental because according to the nature of your marketing campaign. The choice of one channel or another can make the difference between success and failure.

If you want to work with marketing focused on promoting your brand, your products, and your visibility. Online marketing channels such as SEO, knowing how to position your blog or online advertising will be critical.

And if you work or sell merchandising and promotional marketing, you should make sure you have both a well visible online store and a good online support service. That allows you to communicate effectively with your customers before the sale.

Although we will see it later, the choice of channels and the definition of the strategy are fundamental.

A good online Sales Funnel will let you know how you can optimize your promotional marketing campaign on the internet to be more visible. Attract more traffic and convert these visits into customers.

3.- Define the strategy of your promotional marketing

The strategy that you define for your promotional marketing campaign on the internet will be key so that you can achieve positive results or not. It all depends on who you are targeting.

If you address end consumers, you can perform direct marketing strategies focused on sales. With calls to action, powerful headlines and powerful offers that lead to a high volume of sales.

On the other hand, you can make online advertising campaigns focused on the brand. The product or even work on viral marketing or merchandising as a complement to promotional marketing on the Internet.

And if you also do offline advertising, do not forget Street Marketing and Ambient Marketing, they work very well in local environments.

4.- Make a good merchandising of your products

One type of merchandising that is very effective at present is the marking of promotional products or gifts.

In the end, the purpose of Merchandising and these gifts is to attract the attention of the future customer. Awaken their desire or curiosity and finally trigger the purchase.

And if we talk about promotional gifts, success is achieved by perfectly understanding the needs and habits of your client. But also coming to him with the appropriate supports:

  • The usual business cards, pens, pens, silkscreen printed objects with online printing techniques, etc.
  • Physical supports such as posters, flyers, catalogs, etc.
  • T-shirts, work clothes, sports sponsorships,
  • Etc

Sure you know many of these techniques of promotional marketing and promotional gifts. You may have many products of this type and even that you see them regularly in your day by day.

The truth is that the merchandising, online printing and promotional gifts sector has grown significantly in recent years.

There are many companies that have successfully set up their online store and carry out continuous promotional marketing actions on the internet.

In this case, your main task will be to reach your client through the online channel, impact and get him to hire your printing, marketing or merchandising services to, in turn, reach his own clients.

5.- Search the interaction with the end user of your promotional campaigns on the internet

The main thing is that users talk about you, we agree on that.

But for nothing is easy and of course, you must have the right investment to achieve it. Think that if not, your competence will be there, to the parrot of what you do or do not do.

If users in your networks (or others), have positive opinions of your company, and so put it on them or other websites.

Such as blogs or forums, you will begin to receive a Feedback rather than positive, at the same time links SEO that are clearly welcome.

Do not forget that those who will buy you are people. Design a simple and effective communication strategy with them in forums, your website and even your social networks.

If they buy you once, you can build loyalty and you can even make them become your prescribers.

Try to get involved with your brand, feel that they are part of the company and the image it represents … you must listen to them and let them know that you care about them.

6.- Create new actions and experiences of promotional marketing on the internet

Do not limit yourself to always doing similar direct marketing actions, being original may seem like a difficult task. But not impossible and your audience will thank you.

Therefore, before launching a new promotional marketing campaign or making your promotional gifts, you must define very well the environment where the specific marketing action will be carried out:

  • on the street or local (flashmobs, for example)
  • In Internet
  • which you will see in a video
  • if people will participate actively (online or offline)
  • If you are looking to generate expectation or cause feelings
  • the supports to show the information

If, on the other hand, it is the first time you carry out a promotional marketing campaign on the Internet.

My advice is that you analyze your competition very well and the actions you have taken to do something totally different and innovative.

It may seem complicated at first, but if you dedicate time and you want, you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

7.- Measure the results of your direct marketing

Once launched the promotional marketing campaign on the internet, you have to make a good follow-up of it, in order to verify its success or failure.

If you do not measure well, you will never know if it is working or not.

Therefore, it is very important to know not only the percentage of conversions or sales. But also all the related metrics that allow you to know how your promotional campaigns are working on the internet.

  • Participation or engagement
  • Visits to the page
  • Average visit time
  • Fidelity in social networks
  • Subscribers to your mailing or Newsletter
  • Level of involvement and response in actions
  • Reported sales or conversions in that period
  • Etc.…

You can not make decisions about what you do not have data about. So measure, measure and measure again. And only then, analyzes and modifies what does not work and reinforces the positive.

6 channels for promotional marketing on the internet

1.- SEO or Web Positioning

The purpose of SEO is to improve the position of a web page in the Google search results.

SEO web positioning is a long-term job. But it is the one that will allow you to gain visibility in the medium term in Google and get to achieve a powerful brand image.

To get good SEO, we recommend you go to experienced SEO Experts.

Remember: neither SEO positioning costs € 200 nor are 10 words placed on the web. You are the one who plays it, so he decides.

2.- Google Ads

Google Ads is the advertising tool par excellence of Google through which you can create a promotional marketing campaign on the Internet where you will only pay when they click on your website.

Thanks to Google Ads, you can get to improve your visibility on the Internet through ads that as you know appear in the top positions of Google.

In this way, you can get new customers and more sales. Yes, it requires a higher investment but it is very effective.

So if you want to promote your eCommerce or online print shop, this promotional marketing action on the internet will work perfectly

3.- Social Media Marketing or social networks

It is about the set of actions that are carried out in social networks and online communities. All in order to make themselves known and carry out promotional marketing actions.

Beware, social networks DO NOT sell (at least at the organic level), but they can influence buying decisions if the interaction with your users is good.

Therefore, my recommendation is that you combine your strategy in social networks with Facebook Ads. Because it can help you greatly to achieve your sales goals.

Try some of your specific promotion campaigns on the internet and see for yourself the results

4.- Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still the online marketing channel that offers the best return. So carrying out email marketing campaigns can help you greatly in your promotional marketing strategy on the internet.

In this case, it is advisable not only to carry out pure and hard email marketing campaigns and complement them with other channels.

We are all very saturated with emails today and an abusive email can collapse your potential customers and have them put you in the SPAM.

Note. If you are an advanced user, try to implement Mail Automation strategies and you will see the results. The volume of new clients regarding the traffic achieved in your

5.- Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is that affiliate websites advertise to third-party companies or brands. All through the introduction of ads or promotions on these websites.

Thus, both affiliates and advertisers benefit: On the one hand, affiliates receive a commission every time someone clicks on these ads through their website.

And, on the other hand, advertisers manage to increase traffic to their pages, since they appear both in search engines and in other websites. So they become more visible.

It is a type of promotional marketing on the internet increasingly powerful because there are already many affiliate networks platforms that help achieve good results.

6.- Advertising display

In this type of advertising, we find visual elements par excellence that can be added to any website, such as the banner and video.

You can also work advertising actions with Google (Display Network). One of the most powerful because it has its own network. Which includes YouTube, Adsense, and others that appear in media of all kinds.

Among the advantages of this channel compared to others, there is the possibility of segmenting your promotional marketing campaign as much as possible. Since these will only be shown when searching with specific keywords.

In this way, in addition to being able to focus on your target audience, if you manage to create banners, videos or other striking elements.

This type of advertising will help you have a greater impact on the Internet. And therefore, you can achieve better results in your marketing campaigns.

So what you think about promotional marketing, please comment us below…

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